Where should I begin?

Good morning my yarn friends all over the world!

So this is my first blog post here and I’m really excited to share my addiction with you. So what can you expect from this crafty blog? Basically I’ll share my passion. So I’ll give you updates on my stash, my projects, new designers I discover, yarnshops and brands and everything in between.

But first, let us start with some basic informations about me and my addiction!


Name: Kathi


Woman with light brown hair wearing a bun, huge brown glasses, pink Lipstick, smiling and wearing a dark lilac handknitted shawl.

Knitting since: 2015 / “the Doodler” by Stephen West

Other crafting stuff: I’m able to do basic crochet stitches, but I’m not as passionate about it as about my knitting stuff. Also I spin yarn and I’m looking forward to buying a new spinning wheel for me.

Favourite colours: Team Pink! (everything that has to do with it)
The most yarns in my stash are pink. All shades. And I like grey and purple too.

Favourite yarn brands: Hedgehog Fibres, DyeforYarn, Lichtfaden, La bien Aimée

Favourite yarn types: I love love love lace! And Mohair. Mohair is so hot right now. I can’t find words for how much I’m in love with this base. ^^ I also own fingering yarn but not as much as lace. I love to knit everything in lace, the smaller the needles the more I love it.

More yarn stuff about me: I love singles. And I must admit I hate everything with a high twist. Ugh! Two-ply with twist ist lovely, but more than two strands twisted together, where you can see the different strands, are really difficult. That’s one reason why I never knit a sweater or a cardigan, I just can’t find a yarn I like enough. :O

What do you do while you’re knitting? Most of the time I drink coffee and enjoy the silence. I really like the moments when everything is silent and I can hear the dogs snore, everything feels so peaceful then! Or I’ll watch some series with my significant other, at the moment it’s Supernatural.


a sunny balcony and a brown couch, covered with a white fluffy blanked. On top a knitting piece in different shades of, half moon shaped. On the bottom the second section starts with vertical stripes, which were added to the outer corner of the knitting piece



How many WIPs do you have? At the moment there are five projects, but one of them will get frogged as soon as I find the time. So that makes four projects but I’m only working on three of them at the moment.

Here’s a picture of my favourite project, it’s Cosmic Dandy by Julie Dubreux, more information about this will follow in a seperate blog post!



Where’s your favourite knitting place? I love to knit on the balcony, as you can see in my Dandy picture, but normally I sit on the couch and one of the dogs keeps me company beside me.

So I hope you enjoyed this little personal description of me!

Have a great weekend and keep knitting!


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