finding ease

Finding ease?
While creating shawl no. 1001?

Yes. Knitting changed my life. And I think that’s why I came from 0 to 100 with this new hobby. Before I started knitting I was a very impatient person. I quickly lost pleasure when things got tricky and even worse: I got mad very easily. It was hard to control my temper on the one hand and on the other hand I got bored when things werent’t challenging. I was angry at myself because I wasn’t able to relax and I was even angrier because everytime I knit a thing in the past it reminded me of my first knitting-action in my childhood. Back then I knitted a small cloth and it was so hard it stood by itself. Today that’s a funny thing to tell but I hated it so much, I lost every will to learn more about it as a child. And deep inside me I really wanted to be a knitter.

Propably thats why Stephen Wests Video “Baby your a knitter” catched me that hard. It took some time to finish my Doodler, especially because I choose heavier yarn than recommended. As you can see – i knitted a blanket, but I really love it.


Woman sitting on a couch, wearing her knitting piece as a blanket. It covers everything from her feet up til her head. Only the arms are showing. The knitting piece is unfinished an really huge, a strand of white yarn lays on her knittingcovered belly.

So – back on topic, it made me relax. I learned to be more present in the moment itself and to enjoy the process of making things. It washs away every bad feeling inside of me when I grab my project bag and get to touch the fabric. I can understand why people use #knittingismyyoga. For me it’s the same feeling of ease and peacefulness.

I take my knitting with me everywhere I go. I can’t stand to wait somewhere without doing something (and if I’m not knitting I’m reading).  So I can open my comfort zone everywhere I am, I just need to take out my project and I feel myself relaxed. Especially when my project is super fluffy and cuddly.

So for me, everything I need to relax is my project and perhaps a huge cup of coffee to go with it. How do you relax? And does it take more than your knitting project? Perhaps a good cup of coffee? Or music? Tell me about it!

Best regards


2 thoughts on “finding ease

  1. pinkzombiecrafts says:

    Knitting isn’t actually relaxing for me. I mainly knit to keep my fingers busy. This means, while knitting, I can do things that bored me to death beforehand like watching TV, attending university lessons, using public transportation for longer trips, …
    Relaxing completely means music for me. Playing the guitar, composing, hanging out in the park with my favourite tracks playing over my headphones or going to concerts where the music paints pictures in my mind when I close my eyes and lose myself into it.
    To sum it up, knitting keeps me sane in public places whereas music is the love of my life.

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