more brioche please!

Yes – what can I say?
I’m addicted!

I bought a book – yes I also love books, my third not so secret love, beside yarn and coffee – and it’s from the Queen of Brioche Nancy Marchant! It’s her first book, she recently published her third one, on brioche and I wanted to get this one because I really want to learn all the basics about brioche knititng.


a fluffy white blanket, a coffee in a rose mug and the first book called “knitting brioche” from Nancy Marchant

It’s amazing structured and it has a ton of stitches and explanations and pictures and it’s really a great book for those of us who are easily overwhelmed by video tutorials. I really like to look up stitches in it. I also got her Craftsy Online Class – which is also great, but I found out that I learn best when I can look up everything without rush.

So I think you’ll see a lot of brioche projects here in the near future.

See you soon! ❤


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