bad day? cast on!

Have you had a bad day?

I had a bad day. I dreamt a horrible dream about my long gone school time, worried about my last exam, my thesis and friendships which are gone, soon to be gone or which just hard at the moment.  I sat over my learning stuff all day long and it wasn’t interesting at all. It’s my last exam before I get my degree and it’s a field from one of the first semesters so I needed something that makes me happy.

Instead of buying yarn, which I normally do *oops*, I casted on a new project. It had to be something new, something challenging. I have several projects in a waiting line and I choose Inky from Susanne Sommer. It’s a pretty new pattern from her new collection and I just love octopodes, so this is perfect for me. Also I participate in the Hedgehog Fibres Brioche Knitalong with it.


the caked yarns sitting on a blanked, top and bottom one are a speckled dark grey, the middle one is a neon pink, on top of the three yarns sits a crochet octopus

I chose Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles for this project. I’ll use two skeins of Potluck 3 which I grabbed on destash and one skein in Jelly. I originally bought the Potlucks for my significant other but I’ve fallen in love with them so deeply that he gave them back to me.
Isn’t that adorebul?

So – here I proudly present my (p)Inky!


started knitting piece on gray ground, the neon pink is in the foreground of the brioche knitting piece, the dark grey in the background. the pink brioche rows fan out from the middle of the piece, the right and left sides are normal knit stitches where the pink and the grey blends in together

What do you do when you’re having a hard time?


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