it’s Dandy time!

Hello yarnfriends out there!
This is just a short update because I’ve completed my Cosmic Dandy!
(I talked about the pattern, yarn and lovely Julie in this Posting)

I finished it on Sunday and worn it every day since. It’s still unblocked but the weather is so nasty that I won’t put it off *lol*


Me holding my finished Cosmic Dandy while standing with the back to the camera. In the background there’s a lilac and offwhite striped wallpaper with flowers. The Dandy is larger than my span an reaches from my shoulders to my bottom.

And because I love it so much I had to take some bathroom selfies at University on monday, here’s one of them ^^


A picture with dark and moody lightning and an Instagram filter which amplifies this effect. I’m standing in the University bathroom wearing my Cosmic Dandy while I squint into my phone, which I’m holding with my left hand. I whimsical grin.

I really enjoyed this pattern and I totally recommend it to everyone out there who wants to try brioche! It’s an amazing thing – to make and to wear.

Hope you’re having an as snuggly day as me with my Dandy!




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