changing directions

Something I’ve learned because of yarn, too.

I told you last week that I begun this amazing new Brioche project called Inky, in dark grey with speckles and one of my favourite colours ever – Jelly.
And the further I got in the pattern the more I realized that this colour combination doesn’t sing to me.

Normally I would have thrown it away and got mad at it, but this time I frogged it and dived through my stash to find something more spectacular. And yes, it’s not what the pattern planned for but I’ve found a combination that really sings to me.

But have look yourself:


Light side of the work: A knitting piece lying on a white blanket. Beginning with a two colour icord, in the middle of the knitting piece the brioche section begins and spreads out and becomes larger and larger from row to row. On the left and on the right side is garter stitch. Colours are bright pink and a white with light purple variations. The brioche section is dominated by the light colour and the whole thing reminds me of a clam.      



Dark side of the work: in the brioche section the bright pink is dominant now, same background setting as the light side. 

This is Jelly on Skinny Singles and Ghost on Silk/Merino Lace. It changes the thickness of the whole piece but I really like that effect!

Do you often deviate from the pattern?

Have a lovely week full of knitting!


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