enji and freedom

I’m bound by external deadlines.
The exam was a deadline. The thesis has a deadline. Stuff at work has it’s deadline. They are literally everywhere. And now I haven’t knit more than 10 minutes in the last weeks because of a deadline I wanted to hold. I told myself that I just had to knit on this project, because of the deadline. Or that I can’t spin for the Tour de Fleece now because of the deadline. And guess what: I failed the deadline.


Three skeins of Pink Ribbon Papersilk yarn on a white fluffy cloudish blanket, a pink flower above and the heading “Enji Testknit” in the right upper corner.

There was this amazing testknit and I was so excited about knitting it that I thought I could handle all this. I’m talking about the Enji Scarf – it has been published by now and my project is still unfinished. And it still bothers me, that it lays there unfinished and I’m too locked because of the thought that I JUST HAD TO knit this.

But let’s talk about this amazing scarf. It’s a pattern from Jana Huck, a german pattern designer. The orginal yarn is from ITO and I substituted it with Dyeforyarn Papersilk in Electric light pink. (One of the best colours ever, in my opinion!) It has three sections, one where you do increases to create a fan shape, the second one – a garter band, and the third one – a lace edging.
If you’re interested in more pattern talk, you can visit my project page where I note down everything helpful and even not so helpful stuff about it.


The first Flower of the Lace border from the really bright pink Enji on a white background.

For sure there are other boundaries in my head like “I need to finish this bind-off (of another WIP) before I can start another project” or “I want to participate in this knitalong with this scarf and I told the group that I’ll do that so I can’t begin another project before that”.

I think we all know this stuff and guess what: I came to the conclusion it’s bullshit. It’s a hobby. I should knit what I want. I should start what I want. I want to knit this piece – so yeah I’ll go for it! Even if there are hundreads of unfinished projects – it’s my thing and as long as I’m okay with it I should let myself have peace, especially when everything around you is busy and exhausting.

And yes, this deadline was the reason I haven’t blogged here in a while. It was just too much pressure inside of me. So now you know this amazing looking project and perhaps I had the opportunity to overcome the barriers in my head to allow me some freedom (and finish this in the near future too).

Have a wonderful Saturday and follow your heart!


stars and constellations

[ SPOILER: Hedgehog Fibres Lace Club 7/2016 ]

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written the last posting and life was really busy the last weeks. I wrote my last exam and I saved an whole office universe. Sadly knitting time was short and spinning time even more. But here I am – hopefully with more time to come.

I’m currently finishing some projects and I’m playing Pokemon GO a lot, but this thread is about my new special interest: stars and constellations.

I have no basic knowlege about astrology but a project captured my mind – it’s called Celestarium and it’s a view of the sky from the North Pole. I’ve had this in my favourites for quite a while and I became more and more fascinated about it. Recently I learned that there’s another pattern, Southern Skies which shows the sky too, but from the South Pole’s point of view.

So there this new interest in the sky grew. I strolled through the internet and found a really amazing book (in german language) about astronomy which I want to buy next month to get a basic entry to the topic. It’s a book from a publisher for university books and I have quite a few of them, on other topics, at home and love the construction and the draft of it.

So I want to gain knowlege and I want to knit the celestarium. I thing I’ll use a black Wollmeise lace yarn for it and my favourite beads, Miyuki triangles.

And as if the universe knew my latest obsession the Clubs from Hedgehog Fibres came in today. I fell in love with the Merino Lace from Lace club, which is the boyfriends club but we swapped and this lovely thing called “Orion” is mine. I learned that Orion is a constellation and I looked at a lot of pictures of it and I really like my version of it.


a skein of merino lace yarn from hedgehog fibre, laying on a dark brown underground. The yarn is blue/gray with hints of purple and green.

Perhaps I have to knit the Southern Skies with it, we will see that in the future.

But for now I want to share my favourite night sky shawl-versions with you:

  • the Celestarium from GarnetTearDrop, which is knitted in a dark blue with noctilucent beads – i love that idea!
  • the Celestarium from wonderfoal, also with noctilucent beads but in different sizes, which are creating an amazing effect at the dark (perhaps I have to do such a version too)
  • Meadow Celestarium from spicyginger, she used a semisolid dark blue and did a different border which I find quite interesting
  • Southern Stars from spidergrrrl in a semisolid dark purple yarn, I adore this yarn!
  • and last but not least Southern Stars from Liberazione, a really lovely gradient version

As you can see I’m really in love with the skie at the moment and I hope to begin a Celestarium for myself soon.

What are you knitting at the moment and have you knit one of those patterns?
May the yarn be with you!