knitting knits us together

Long time no see fellow yarn friends out there.

It has been a busy time. I finished my Bachelor degree plus I applied and got accepted for my master degree (starting tomorrow).

So what happend in this time?

I finished my Walk on the Moon, which I was knitting together with a bunch of friends of mine. I must admit it was a really annoying project – I really like the outcome but I will never ever knit this again. (While reading this again this sounds really horrible – but I have to correct myself it wasn’t – I just got bored easily)

But first let’s appreciate this lovely thing:


A finished knitting piece, hanging on a white canvas in front of a white structured wallpaper. The piece has three colours and goes from light dusty pink, over grey to a dark burgundy. The colour changes begin in the first half of the pink part, where pink and grey rows are alternated. Then the whole colour switches to grey also alternated with dark burgundy before being finished in a ruffled burgundy edge.


So why do I get bored so easily?
For me a pattern must have a variety of things:

  • interesting stitches
  • being repetitvie but not monotonous
  • challenge me in some form

And this pattern uses the same stitches and combinations of rows when alternating the first to second section and second to third section – which is really lovely if you’re looking for some really really mindeless knitting with over 500 stitches at your cable. (I motivated myself to knit this while watching Supernatural – but even this sometimes scary series wasn’t able to overshadow this tiresome project) Plus I have to admit that my yarn choice wasn’t the perfect one. I used Dye for yarn Silk lace yarn – which are untwisted silk strands. Lovely outcome but a pain in the ass to knit. At least for me.


A close-up of my knitted piece, showing the left part of it. The ruffle border takes up a lot of room in the picture and is falling in waves down from the canvas. 


But in the end all that matters is that I have created a lovely thing with my friends.

So I searched something new for myself – I wanted to knit a fluffy mohair cape from a free pattern from Lana Grossa but this also turned out annoying. Even more than finishing this huge shawl. So I’ll try to knit this square on the knitting machine instead of trying to produce a huge thing in stockinette stitch.

Here we can see a character trait of mine: I can’t do things which annoy me.
I have a huge inner barricade against boredom. Sounds a bit weird, even for me but that’s who I am. Looking for new challenges or at least returning to pleaseant repetitive things. And this leads me to my current project!

I’m knitting a Spark of Grey by Melanie Berg together with a really amazing friend of mine. And I love this pattern so much!


A printed knitting pattern from Melanie Berg near two skeins of fluffy yarn- in a dusty rose violett – called “Withering bunch of roses” and a grey skein beyond called “Dolphin in my bathtub”

It’s repetitive but not boring, challenging but not overwhelming and its varieted in between the rows, but let’s see how far I am:


The knitting piece is started in grey and creates a pattern where the grey and the violett layer each other. It’s a triangular scarf and it’s behaving soft and cuddly.

I’m using Dye for Wool Merino/Babycamel in the shades Withering bunch of roses and Dolphin in my bathtub and I really like to soft texture of these yarn.

The pattern is exactly the thing I need at the moment because on my other needles are two non portable projects . ( I want to finish my Danse Macabre by Boo Knits before the next mKAL, but this is another story coming soon and on the other needles the Celestarium waits for my attention, but also with beads – which I’m not into this week.) and I needed something which I can take on the train to university tomorrow plus I’m sick at home and want to binge watch all the series (Sherlock season three at the moment).

I will knit another one – I’m really sure of that because I saw this beauty on Ravelry, it’s knitted in cashmere and I love the blurred effect this yarn gives the pattern.

So that was quite a huge update on what’s going on at the moment, I hope you enjoyed my excessive desriptions of things and we’ll read us soon!




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