finished: Taboo

Let’s move on to something cheerful!

I finished this years Halloween mKAL by BooKnits after only one and a half month. That’s pretty fast for me because I tend to knit on thousand different projects at the same time plus it’s a really busy time now.

I used Miss Babs Wild Silk in Pink Lemonade and Zinfandel and I really like the texture of this yarn. I ordered more of it and there is another set waiting for Taboo, or a different shawl, still unsure about that.

I think the shawl grew more in comparison to the other finished objects I’ve seen so far. Perhaps I’ll go down in the needle size when I’ll do it again because I really like the texture of the other shawls I’ve seen.

But here it is, blocking and not a very colour true picture:


A 1.40x2m bed covered with a red blanket. On top of that a two-coloured lace shawl pinned out. 

And another picture where you can see it in comparison to a small dog, where I tried to make a more glamorous shot if it. *LOL*


a picture with better lightning, a white blanket covering the floor, shawl laid out and a small black pomeranian dog trotting over the shawl from the left outter corner.

I still want to take better pictures, propably outside and with the rhine as background but it’s so grey and rainy most of the times that there are no chances to get a propper picture. Or it’s even dark when I get away from the desk.

As always this was an amazing pattern by Bev, you can never get dissapointed with the things she creates. I really love that. I started another Boo pattern, a Snow Angel and I have two shawls planned for December, also from her.
But you’ll get to see them in the next posting! 😉

Have a lovely evening,
xoxo Kathi


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