I don’t love you anymore.

When I first met you on the Internet you introduced a new world to me. You gave me confidence by singing „Baby you’re a knitter“. This was my start as an adult to finally learn something  I was alway too impatient to do. I powered through your 2015 mKAL and I fell in love with colours, speckled yarn and your patterns. But then there was a moment this year where I found that everything new you produce still looks like something I know. I was sad at first but then I thought it would be lovely to have different interpretations for your pattern to choose from. But the longer I thought about this, the more frustrated i felt. I felt betrayed. That wasn’t the famous creative world I thought I would live in. Everything new seemed like a mass product.

But I wanted to give you another chance, so I started this years mKAL. Yeah and what can I say? It wasn’t special anymore. I love how some finished objects looked, especially the colour matching ones – but I still got the feeling that this is mass ware. I feel like the creative brain is gone. Don’t get me wrong, there are still around ten patterns I wan’t to knit from you – but they are all old.

It took me a long time to come to this conclusion, but finally here it is:

I’m sorry. Stephen, I’m over you.


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