It’s a shame that I haven’t written something about this amazing project yet!

Some friends of mine had the fabulous idea to bright up our november.
We made a list of yarn we liked, colours, snacks and other stuff and everybody got a swap partner. So I bought a yarn and wrapped some presents in it and sent it out. Everybody has something wrapped in yarn, personalized to everyone of us and now we’re knitting together.

This is my novickel:
I really like the wooly texture of the Lambswool I was gifted. The colour is also very pleasing to me. ❤


a pink lace yarn and some envelopes on a white blanket. there’s something wrapped up in a red paper inside of the yarn roll which stickes out just a bit

And as you probably have guessed by now, I’ve started another Boo project. A Snow Angel. (A bit addicted, huh?)


Starting picture of my Snow Angel, started the body and knitted about 7cm in depth, the knitting piece and the ball of yarn lying on a blanket. More gifts are lurking inside of the ball.

I haven’t come far with that project until now because I had to wait for longer cables.(Saying that I remember that I wanted to do a review of my new Chiagoo red lace set I got for my birthday back in october, which I totally forgot about!)
But the cables came in last week and so I’m able to continue this project soon 🙂

What are you knitting at the moment?



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