Something that really touched me last week was the #knitterspayitforward movement. I saw it on instagram and felt very touched, even if I’m in a very privileged position (white, cis, educated and a lot more) to not feel any consequences of the world falling apart.

But I love that everybody who is able to, shares their love with others. It’s a good feeling and I wanted to share something that made my day last week:

It’s a gift from Melanie Berg, also known as Mairlynd, who is a pretty awesome designer from Germany. The deal is to gift one of her self published pattern to somebody and then to recieve this pattern for your own. She announced it in her ravelry group and on Instagram and I shared a lot of pattern with friends of mine.
I knit her pattern Rheinlust in the past and i’m currently knitting Spark of Grey and I deeply adore her pattern. So this was a great opportunity to make somebodies day and to have something for myself.


Me wearing my Rheinlust Shawl. Rheinlust is a dark purple in my case a laceweight shawl with a wave pattern emerging from one side, ending in a stockinette section

Plus there are amazing people in this ravelry group, even a whole thread where you can find someone who want’s to share a pattern with you or who announces to gift something to somebody. So lovely and full of warmth.

I haven’t seen any end date yet – so treat yourself and your beloved ones ❤


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