a new year: 2017

The end of the year is near and for me this is the time to make future plans. My non-knitting year 2017 is going to be full and busy. I’ll finish my master of laws degree plus before finishing this I’ll attend a one-year course to prepare myself for the tax consultant exam (which is a really  big thing to achieve here in germany), but that’s not what I want to spread out here – it’s all about my future knitting projects!

As Bev from Boo-Knits announced her 2017 challenge where everybody is going to knit 10 designs of her in one year I thought about my knitting plans for the future year a bit longer. I was one step before joining as I realized that I’m a person who get’s stressed out really easily. So I took a deep breath and took one step back to look at 2017 in detail.

What are my plans?
What are my limitations?
What can I do to not stress me out more than necessary?

I haven’t joined the Boo Challenge (yet) and I’m still unsure about it. There are a lot of Boo designs I want to knit, but there are a ton of others I wan’t to knit too. I think it’s the usual dilemma of a knitter. So I came up with this list.

Things I want to achieve in my knitting year 2017:

  • Autumn Lace by Nancy Marchant
    when I’ll decided that I’m able to do a two colour brioche cast on – that scares the hell out of me! Plus I’m unsure if I should use two different coloured yarns or if it would be as lovely with only one colour (pastell pink for sure)
  • My Ancestress lace shawl / Hap
    I showed you my plans before, you can read about it here
  • Beneath the moon Shawl
    I really adore this one, but it’s quite huge and I’m unsure about the yarn quality I want to use, I really like the white wooly test knit item you can see in the projects, but perhaps it would be lovely in dfy tussah silk lace.
  • Sea Fog by Mary-Anne Mace
    which is going to be quite a challenge because it’s an charted only pattern and I’m not good at reading them
  • Like Sea Fog there is the Affinity lace shawl, which is also charted only but so so beautiful!
  • For sure there has to be Spellbound
    I adore this boo pattern ever since!
  • In the rows of Boo: Chasing Rainbows
    started in 2016 but I’m again unsure of my yarn choice – perhaps I’ll have to do a custom order at Lichtaden and knit it in my favourite Mohair quality (Hana Kidmohair)
  • also known for sure: I’ll knit at least one of the Boo Mystery knitalongs
    (she told us there will be at least two! *wiggles excited*
  • Perhaps a pi shawl, like Zucchero or Arbre or even Leaves of Grass
    using a gradient set from Lichtfaden, but unsure if I can manage the colour changes good enough to make myself happy with it, inspired by this project also using Lichtfaden Silk
  • Sizzle Pop
    Perhaps together with the boyfriend as a homezone KAL, using funny Hedgehog Skinny Singles and perhaps something mohairy 😀
  • And last but not least my latest discovery: Secretkeeper from Melanie Berg
    GOSH I want to throw all my plans away and knit this right now!

That’s quite a list, huh?
And I’m sure there will be designs in the future that will throw all my plans over board, because they’re so beautiful.
But that’s okay, perhaps this is the key point of all of this planning:

do what you love and enjoy your time

What are you’re future plans?
Wanna share?

xoxo Kathi


2 thoughts on “a new year: 2017

  1. rainicorn says:

    Did you finish that pi shawl of the constellations? As far as the knitting year ahead, I like your second option like an open road map. Maybe that would be more relaxing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • kathi says:

      I haven’t finished it yet but I want to use the rest of the year *LOL* to finish some projects. I signed up in the mean time but more to keep track of it, if I don’t knit them all its okay. Staying calm is a mean focus next year :))


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