plans plans plans

I love planning. Really.
I get super excited about it and it helps me getting through long days.

As I wanted to post this thing long long time ago I have started one of those, it’s Sea Fog! A pattern by the Lace Eater, which I mentioned in the previous post (I talked about High Country Circle, another planned project, sadly without pictures at the moment, so not listed here yet)


Printed out pattern of Sea Fog on a white blanket with two skeins of Lichtfaden Pure Silk lace on top, grey colourway with hints of purple and blue.

I’m using a lovely lovely Lichtfaden Pure Silk Lace and it’s so amazingly soft, I really have to touch it everyday. I finished the first Chart in the meantime.


A picture taken in bed, with purple and white blankets, a white fluffy dog is in the upper right background, cuddling against my knee, in the left upper part are my stitch markers and in the front you have my knitting project curled up, showing silery and blue coulours,, my floral blue and purple leggings shining through.

And here is what I plan to have on the needles soon:

Beneath the Moon


the prined pattern of Beneath the Moon and one of the skeins I want to use for it on the upper right corner. Everything on a white blankie.

I adore this pattern since I first saw it. It reminds me a bit of a pattern I did I guess a year ago, called Rheinlust, because both of them have a lace pattern emerging from a single starting point. I’ll use the new and sadly limited Edition of Merino Cashmere Lace from Dyeforwool. It’s a cobweb with 1400m per skein and it’s super super thin. So I’ll use it doubled. I tried out a swatch and it was super pretty. This goes in line after I finished at least one of my current WIPs!


A knitted swatch in really light purple on a white pillow on top of a white blanket. The swatch looks like a leaf on the top and has the lace patterning on the bottom, looking like a stem in this one.

And last but not least: the Hoar Frost Shawl

I’ve found this pattern on ravelry, it’s a fingering version but I wanted to do this in a perfect Lichtfaden Meridian which I gathered from a dear friend on Ravelry through destash, as I missed it in one of those rushed Lichtfaden updates due to the Boo Knits Mystery KAL. It’s an open lace shawl and I really want to go down in the needle size to compensate my sloppy knitting and the lace weight.
Perhaps I’ll add some shiny beads for a bit of bling!


Pattern of the Hoar in the back, in the front the Lichtfaden Meridian skein, it’s an silvery white with shades of blue and purple floating around. Just beautiful.



hap – like happy?

What is a hap?
Hap like happy?

I saw a lot of great pattern on ravelry in the last months and fell over the term “hap”. I didn’t know what a hap was until I began a little research. It all began with the Book of Haps, I first heard about it at the knitting group I attended once and gave him little observance, but after this book was published they were everywhere.

I red a lot about traditional forms of shetland haps and came to the conclusion that this means that they originally have a center panel and are surrounded by a lace section and an edging. The most one’s I’ve seen are in muted colourways, like white, browns and greys. Originally they were made with thicker heavier wool, todays haps’s are often made of laceweight yarns. I also learned that these garmets were for everyday use and were folded in the half to cover the shoulders or to be worn as a shawl.

I learned more about haps from these blog postings and I would reccomend them to you, they have stunning pictures of historical haps and more!

In the last posting I found a very accurate description of haps from Kate Davies, she published this on her blog mentioned above:

“As knitters, we may have come across the word “hap” in reference to Shetland (or Shetland-type) shawls featuring simple openwork, but what precisely does it mean? “Hap” is a word common to Scots and Northern English dialects, as well as Shetland, and means to wrap, to cover, or conceal. From the 14th century on, the word “hap” crops up frequently in a wide variety of Northern texts, its usage ranging from the quotidian (the protection of crops in cold ground, the repair of a thatched roof) to the sombre (the wrapping of a corpse or the burying of a secret). In Scots, to be “weel happit” means to be well wrapped-up against the cold, and, it is perhaps in reference to colder winter weather that the word has been most often used. In The Brigs of Ayr (1786) for example, Robert Burns summed up the time of year as “when the stacks get on their winter haps”, and James Hogg memorably captured the atmosphere of a chilly evening: “When gloamin o’er the Welkin steals / And haps the hills in sober grey” (Forest Minstrel, 1810). More recently, ‘hap’ appears as a singularly Wintery covering in Edinburgh author, James King Annand’s lovely poem, Purple Saxifrage (1991).

So I learned about those haps and guess what – I have a favourite design I really want to knit soon. Take a look here! It’s called my Ancestress Hap Lace Shawl from Martha Marques and I think this will be a project for 2017.


Picture by Martha Marques, as seen on the ravelry pattern page – all rights belong to her. A offwhite and grey large rectangle hap, folded and covering the shouders of a woman with a lovely grey bun. The hap has a lacey textured inner panel followed by amazing details in the lace section, which is about as long as the panel itself, ending in a half as wide edging section. 

I don’t know if there’s a rule to stick to the traditional colours, if there is one I have to break it because I’ve fallen in love with a more rustic yarn from Countess Ablaze. I ordered it today and I think it will be perfect for the hap of my dreams.


Copyright by Countess Ablaze – the English Gentleman Fingering in the colourway Kite Flying OOAK, all rights belong to Countess Ablaze. Two skeins of yarn on a grey background. They have the black and white Countess Ablaze Banderole and the colour in the skeins shifts from a soft watery blue over to more turquoise blue, ending in deep watery blue, like I would imagine the deep see on a sunny day

I saw this yarn and the description from the Countess Ablaze page states about this base:

“Do you have a desert island yarn? I have finally found mine and this is it. Soft, buttery, rustic without being scratchy, this is my perfect yarn. The undyed base is a rich oatmeal colour from the brown Masham so the dye results in a rich and textured coverage. Everything about this yarn is British and it is spun down the road from here in Yorkshire.”

This sounds perfect for this project. What do you think of my interpretation?
Do you have a hap or do you plan on doing one in the future?


something cuddly

As I have quite a tight knitting schedule at the moment, there always come things unplanned. Like this one. It’s cuddly and soft and huge.

I’m talking about Authenticity from softsweater knits in Countess Ablaze Lord of Mohair Aran.


the Authenticity pattern printed out in black and white, showing the name of the pattern plus a person wearing the shawl in front, surrounded by four skeins of pink/grey big yarn, as always on a white blanket.

How could that happen?
It all started with this lovely colour of mohair Aran I found when a friend told me about a coupon code on the Countess Ablaze site. I never tried her yarns before but I was curious about them. So I ordered this for me totally untypical yarn – compared to lace it’s enormous. But I just can’t stop touching it and a quick satisfactional knit was really needed after this exhausting week.


a caked skein of Lord of Mohair aran, showing the bright pink parts, the softer pink ones and emerging into a soft and comforting grey, presented on a white pillow.

I hope I’ll get to finish it by the end of next week because I’m really freezing my butt of while I’m waiting for my train to and back to my university. Currently I’m around halfaway done and it’s really a lovely pattern.


white blanket and half finished knitting piece on top of it, traingle shaped. One of the three caked skeins is used up about 1/3, a fourth skein uncaked laying beneath the other skeins, all above the knitted piece.

Perhaps I’m learning to like such bigger yarns…
Do you like big knits?


Taboo or not to Boo (no, that’s not even a question)

It’s this time of the year where you wiggle excited with your knitting needles for the mKAL to start!

I’m talking about Taboo – the Halloween mystery knitalong from Boo Knits, and as you can guess I can’t wait to start this one. It’s going to be a two coloured lace shawl with beads and I’m totally in love with my yarn choice. The whole fun starts on October first and I plan on knitting this while I’m on vacation!

This time we’re using Miss Babs Wild Silk, a fabulous soft luxurious yarn.
I had my personal problems with the German customs, they won’t let my yarn come to me but now were happy together after four long weeks of waiting.

So let’s show you my yarnies!

I ordered a set for the mKAL plus two additional strands of yarn.


Four strands of yarn on a white “Miss Babs” wrapping paper. The top one is the largest, it’s a full skein in creamy pale pink meeting a soft brownish light orange and all shades in between. Beneath this skein is a smaller matching skein in a slightly darker pink. Beneath these mKAL yarns are two small strands, a lovely blue yarn which reminds me of the sea, changing to nearly off white and a deep saturated screaming pink.

From Top to bottom:

  • Pink Lemonade (Wild Iris which means not repeatable)
  • Zinfandel
  • Water Spirit (Wild Iris)
  • Floyd

I bought some beads from Lanabeads2 on etsy before the yarn showed up but they weren’t a perfect match so the lovely Anna from ravelry sold her beads, also etched crystal seed beads to me and they are just perfect. The colourway is called Capri.


the two upper yarns from the picture before are layered above each other. The whole colour scheme blends into each other from off white over cream to light pink. The Zinfandel yarn, the darker pink lays on top of it, and on top of that are the beads. The beads are sparkly and are matching the darker pumpkin/orange/creamy tones of the main colour yarn.

Will you join in, too?
My friend PinkZombie wrote about her Taboo  >here< so go and check her out!

Have a lovely week!
xoxo Kathi


stars and constellations

[ SPOILER: Hedgehog Fibres Lace Club 7/2016 ]

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written the last posting and life was really busy the last weeks. I wrote my last exam and I saved an whole office universe. Sadly knitting time was short and spinning time even more. But here I am – hopefully with more time to come.

I’m currently finishing some projects and I’m playing Pokemon GO a lot, but this thread is about my new special interest: stars and constellations.

I have no basic knowlege about astrology but a project captured my mind – it’s called Celestarium and it’s a view of the sky from the North Pole. I’ve had this in my favourites for quite a while and I became more and more fascinated about it. Recently I learned that there’s another pattern, Southern Skies which shows the sky too, but from the South Pole’s point of view.

So there this new interest in the sky grew. I strolled through the internet and found a really amazing book (in german language) about astronomy which I want to buy next month to get a basic entry to the topic. It’s a book from a publisher for university books and I have quite a few of them, on other topics, at home and love the construction and the draft of it.

So I want to gain knowlege and I want to knit the celestarium. I thing I’ll use a black Wollmeise lace yarn for it and my favourite beads, Miyuki triangles.

And as if the universe knew my latest obsession the Clubs from Hedgehog Fibres came in today. I fell in love with the Merino Lace from Lace club, which is the boyfriends club but we swapped and this lovely thing called “Orion” is mine. I learned that Orion is a constellation and I looked at a lot of pictures of it and I really like my version of it.


a skein of merino lace yarn from hedgehog fibre, laying on a dark brown underground. The yarn is blue/gray with hints of purple and green.

Perhaps I have to knit the Southern Skies with it, we will see that in the future.

But for now I want to share my favourite night sky shawl-versions with you:

  • the Celestarium from GarnetTearDrop, which is knitted in a dark blue with noctilucent beads – i love that idea!
  • the Celestarium from wonderfoal, also with noctilucent beads but in different sizes, which are creating an amazing effect at the dark (perhaps I have to do such a version too)
  • Meadow Celestarium from spicyginger, she used a semisolid dark blue and did a different border which I find quite interesting
  • Southern Stars from spidergrrrl in a semisolid dark purple yarn, I adore this yarn!
  • and last but not least Southern Stars from Liberazione, a really lovely gradient version

As you can see I’m really in love with the skie at the moment and I hope to begin a Celestarium for myself soon.

What are you knitting at the moment and have you knit one of those patterns?
May the yarn be with you!


the magic of yarn clubs

Can you remember the last time when you stayed up late to get something, which was really important for you?

I remember. It was the fourth Harry Potter book and I was too young to be at a book store at night and my mom and I bought a special overnight delivery for this book.

When I think about it it makes me giggle with excitement – and that happened again this week, but as you can guess with yarn.

One of my favourite brands, Hedgehog Fibres, opened their sinings for their yarn clubs again. Hedgehog Fibres are handmade yarns from Ireland, created from the amazingly talented Beata Jezek and her team. These yarn clubs come in different installments, so you can choose your favourite base and you’ll get a three month delivery of colours, which are never repeated.

I signed up for last rounds Skinny Singles Club and I wanted to show you my favourite skein of this whole club installment. It’s Dahlia from Skinny Singles Club March 2016.


a Hedgehog Fibres Skein from Skinny Singles Club laying on a white satin pillow with ornaments. The yarn has soft pink parts, deep watery blue ones and oranges that fade into a dark reddish brown/black.

Last round you could choose between the Skinny Singles, Sock and Twist Sock. Both, Skinny Singles and Sock included two skeins per month, Twist was one skein.

“And what was so special about this week and the new clubs?” you may ask – it was the variety of clubs you could choose from.

I’ve seen past club installments for lace club on Beata’s Instagram and was totally blown away. Perhaps some of you know that – I’m totally into lace skeins. So additional to the three clubs I’ve mentioned before this round got three other clubs. Cashmere Club, Lace and Mini Skeins. I’m not that into mini skeins, but Lace and Cashmere where totally my piece of cake.

I’ve shared the last Skinny Singles club with my boyfriend and now he’s addicted too. So we’ve worked out a plan for this round. I got the cashmere club, which means two skeins of this amazingly snuggly fine fluffy delicate cashmere per month for me! Can you guess how excited I am? 😀 And the boyfriend got the lace club with 1 skein Silk/Merino lace, 1 skein Merino lace and two skeins of Kidsilk lace in total and – because we’re a bit more than addicted we bought the Skinny Singles club together.

(Yes, the update was at 2am in the morning…
Did I need to mention that I was a happy zombie the day after?)

So there’s a lot of yarn swapping in this house to come, and so many nice fluffy yarn cuddling action – I’m beyond thrilled!

Do you like yarn clubs?
And have you already joined the Hedgehog clubs?
And what are you’re yarn favourite clubs?

Have a yarnful weekend!

en français, s’il vous plaît

Hello to you!

Today I want to share my new findings regarding new a designer, a yarn brand I didn’t knew before and my favourite project!

So – here’s my project: It’s the Cosmic Dandy by Julie Dubreux. She’s a new french designer and her second pattern was published this month. I’m currently working on her first one, but the second one called Born Naked is already in planning.


unfinished cosmic dandy, a moon shaped knitting piece in three different pink shades, lying on a white blanket, two of the three sections are done, vertical stripes in dark pink and mohair are attatched to the horizontal three colour striped body.

Cosmic Dandy is worked in three sections and uses two skeins of Merino Singles and one skein of Mohair. It uses yarn from La bien Aimèe, a french brand, which I’ll review later in this posting.

So in my picture I finished the first section of horizontal stripes and also the second section of vertical stripes. The third section is Brioche – I really looked forward to learn this new technique!

At the moment I’m in section three and I really love how the brioche turned out! It took some time for me to understand brioche, because the most videos are english style knitting and I do continental, but I figured it out and now I’m totally addicted to Brioche. Also Julie uploaded really helpful videos on Youtube about the vertical stripes section, picking up stichtes and also brioche – which where a pleasure to watch.


in the background are the three skeins of yarn, in the foreground the knitting is held up, focus on the brioche section.


in the middle of the picture the brioche is showing up, the main colour switches from dark pink to mohair, the lighter pink is the contrastic colour.


I can’t wait to finish this lovely shawl because I want to wear it so much!

So now I’ll want to give you a review on the La bien Aimée yarn.

As you may know I’m a huge fan of pink yarn and also single ply yarn. So this was the perfect base for me. And what can I say? I’m totally in love- this yarn is super soft and super squishy and it knits up heavenly. I chose the colourways “Sari” and “Ballet” for my Cosmic Dandy and the colours are brilliant. I think Sari is one of my favourite colours ever, it’s iridescent and it really glows. Ballet runs from nearly white to a light off-rose and is a perfect soft colourway. The third yarn is a soft and silky Mohair, i choose “the Hotness” and I really like the texture of this Mohair. It has a really nice tension without loosing it’s softness. The colourway is a really warm pink, like a fluffy candy.

These yarns are hand dyed and she got two yarn stores in Paris and also her own online Shop. Shipping to Germany was expensive, but I’ll do it again – the quality of this yarn is amazing and worth every Cent.

I really want to visit Paris and also this Shop in the future.
Have you plans for visiting your favourite shops?

Have a great weekend and enjoy your knitting! ❤