changing directions

Something I’ve learned because of yarn, too.

I told you last week that I begun this amazing new Brioche project called Inky, in dark grey with speckles and one of my favourite colours ever – Jelly.
And the further I got in the pattern the more I realized that this colour combination doesn’t sing to me.

Normally I would have thrown it away and got mad at it, but this time I frogged it and dived through my stash to find something more spectacular. And yes, it’s not what the pattern planned for but I’ve found a combination that really sings to me.

But have look yourself:


Light side of the work: A knitting piece lying on a white blanket. Beginning with a two colour icord, in the middle of the knitting piece the brioche section begins and spreads out and becomes larger and larger from row to row. On the left and on the right side is garter stitch. Colours are bright pink and a white with light purple variations. The brioche section is dominated by the light colour and the whole thing reminds me of a clam.      



Dark side of the work: in the brioche section the bright pink is dominant now, same background setting as the light side. 

This is Jelly on Skinny Singles and Ghost on Silk/Merino Lace. It changes the thickness of the whole piece but I really like that effect!

Do you often deviate from the pattern?

Have a lovely week full of knitting!


bad day? cast on!

Have you had a bad day?

I had a bad day. I dreamt a horrible dream about my long gone school time, worried about my last exam, my thesis and friendships which are gone, soon to be gone or which just hard at the moment.  I sat over my learning stuff all day long and it wasn’t interesting at all. It’s my last exam before I get my degree and it’s a field from one of the first semesters so I needed something that makes me happy.

Instead of buying yarn, which I normally do *oops*, I casted on a new project. It had to be something new, something challenging. I have several projects in a waiting line and I choose Inky from Susanne Sommer. It’s a pretty new pattern from her new collection and I just love octopodes, so this is perfect for me. Also I participate in the Hedgehog Fibres Brioche Knitalong with it.


the caked yarns sitting on a blanked, top and bottom one are a speckled dark grey, the middle one is a neon pink, on top of the three yarns sits a crochet octopus

I chose Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles for this project. I’ll use two skeins of Potluck 3 which I grabbed on destash and one skein in Jelly. I originally bought the Potlucks for my significant other but I’ve fallen in love with them so deeply that he gave them back to me.
Isn’t that adorebul?

So – here I proudly present my (p)Inky!


started knitting piece on gray ground, the neon pink is in the foreground of the brioche knitting piece, the dark grey in the background. the pink brioche rows fan out from the middle of the piece, the right and left sides are normal knit stitches where the pink and the grey blends in together

What do you do when you’re having a hard time?

more brioche please!

Yes – what can I say?
I’m addicted!

I bought a book – yes I also love books, my third not so secret love, beside yarn and coffee – and it’s from the Queen of Brioche Nancy Marchant! It’s her first book, she recently published her third one, on brioche and I wanted to get this one because I really want to learn all the basics about brioche knititng.


a fluffy white blanket, a coffee in a rose mug and the first book called “knitting brioche” from Nancy Marchant

It’s amazing structured and it has a ton of stitches and explanations and pictures and it’s really a great book for those of us who are easily overwhelmed by video tutorials. I really like to look up stitches in it. I also got her Craftsy Online Class – which is also great, but I found out that I learn best when I can look up everything without rush.

So I think you’ll see a lot of brioche projects here in the near future.

See you soon! ❤

en français, s’il vous plaît

Hello to you!

Today I want to share my new findings regarding new a designer, a yarn brand I didn’t knew before and my favourite project!

So – here’s my project: It’s the Cosmic Dandy by Julie Dubreux. She’s a new french designer and her second pattern was published this month. I’m currently working on her first one, but the second one called Born Naked is already in planning.


unfinished cosmic dandy, a moon shaped knitting piece in three different pink shades, lying on a white blanket, two of the three sections are done, vertical stripes in dark pink and mohair are attatched to the horizontal three colour striped body.

Cosmic Dandy is worked in three sections and uses two skeins of Merino Singles and one skein of Mohair. It uses yarn from La bien Aimèe, a french brand, which I’ll review later in this posting.

So in my picture I finished the first section of horizontal stripes and also the second section of vertical stripes. The third section is Brioche – I really looked forward to learn this new technique!

At the moment I’m in section three and I really love how the brioche turned out! It took some time for me to understand brioche, because the most videos are english style knitting and I do continental, but I figured it out and now I’m totally addicted to Brioche. Also Julie uploaded really helpful videos on Youtube about the vertical stripes section, picking up stichtes and also brioche – which where a pleasure to watch.


in the background are the three skeins of yarn, in the foreground the knitting is held up, focus on the brioche section.


in the middle of the picture the brioche is showing up, the main colour switches from dark pink to mohair, the lighter pink is the contrastic colour.


I can’t wait to finish this lovely shawl because I want to wear it so much!

So now I’ll want to give you a review on the La bien Aimée yarn.

As you may know I’m a huge fan of pink yarn and also single ply yarn. So this was the perfect base for me. And what can I say? I’m totally in love- this yarn is super soft and super squishy and it knits up heavenly. I chose the colourways “Sari” and “Ballet” for my Cosmic Dandy and the colours are brilliant. I think Sari is one of my favourite colours ever, it’s iridescent and it really glows. Ballet runs from nearly white to a light off-rose and is a perfect soft colourway. The third yarn is a soft and silky Mohair, i choose “the Hotness” and I really like the texture of this Mohair. It has a really nice tension without loosing it’s softness. The colourway is a really warm pink, like a fluffy candy.

These yarns are hand dyed and she got two yarn stores in Paris and also her own online Shop. Shipping to Germany was expensive, but I’ll do it again – the quality of this yarn is amazing and worth every Cent.

I really want to visit Paris and also this Shop in the future.
Have you plans for visiting your favourite shops?

Have a great weekend and enjoy your knitting! ❤