motivation of the month

Good morning to all of you lovely creatures out there!

I had my last exam yesterday night and there’s only a talk I have to give next week plus my thesis which stands between me and my Master of Laws degree. It’s super exciting but I’m also super tired. The stress is halfway gone by now and I really should work on my presentation but I can’t get myself into it at the moment.

So I’m writing a blogpost for you to tell you about my latest motvational project.

I did my master degree in nine months (excluding the thesis) and I will be heading of to an exam course one day after I held my talk. So everything is really packed and I try to stress myself a little (= a lot). So I really need long term and short term motivational goals to keep me on track with everything.

As it was hard to motivate me in the last weeks I came up with the perfect thing: I’ll gift myself something after I finished my talk, which means next friday. I always wanted to have an Gameboy backpack. Yes, really. Like supernerd of the nerdiness. So I bought it for myself. But as it wasn’t enough I put in every yarn package I got over the last few weeks (at the Moment that’s one from Lichtfaden and one from Dyeforyarn) unopened!


A backpack, totally in style of the old Gameboy on a wooden box in front of a purple and white structural wallpaper.


I’m super excited to finish everything to get to this package.

Plus I bought myself a pattern for a large project I really want to do soon. It’s called High Country Circle and it’s a large pi-shaped shawl. Here you can see the version of Mary-Anne, a fabulous designer called the LaceEater, you really should check her out!


Picture from the Lace Eater, no copyright belongs to me. A person standing in the field, surrounded by green and brown grasses, covered from head to knees fully in a large offwhite blanket with a beautiful lace pattern emerging from the middle.

Did I mention that I have yarn for this project in my backpack? No? Well there is yarn. Really bright pink yarn.

And last but not least I do want to fill it up with some chocolate treats I get myself hopefully next week!

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend, I will go and attack this presentation making and learning for this last step now!



the magic of yarn clubs

Can you remember the last time when you stayed up late to get something, which was really important for you?

I remember. It was the fourth Harry Potter book and I was too young to be at a book store at night and my mom and I bought a special overnight delivery for this book.

When I think about it it makes me giggle with excitement – and that happened again this week, but as you can guess with yarn.

One of my favourite brands, Hedgehog Fibres, opened their sinings for their yarn clubs again. Hedgehog Fibres are handmade yarns from Ireland, created from the amazingly talented Beata Jezek and her team. These yarn clubs come in different installments, so you can choose your favourite base and you’ll get a three month delivery of colours, which are never repeated.

I signed up for last rounds Skinny Singles Club and I wanted to show you my favourite skein of this whole club installment. It’s Dahlia from Skinny Singles Club March 2016.


a Hedgehog Fibres Skein from Skinny Singles Club laying on a white satin pillow with ornaments. The yarn has soft pink parts, deep watery blue ones and oranges that fade into a dark reddish brown/black.

Last round you could choose between the Skinny Singles, Sock and Twist Sock. Both, Skinny Singles and Sock included two skeins per month, Twist was one skein.

“And what was so special about this week and the new clubs?” you may ask – it was the variety of clubs you could choose from.

I’ve seen past club installments for lace club on Beata’s Instagram and was totally blown away. Perhaps some of you know that – I’m totally into lace skeins. So additional to the three clubs I’ve mentioned before this round got three other clubs. Cashmere Club, Lace and Mini Skeins. I’m not that into mini skeins, but Lace and Cashmere where totally my piece of cake.

I’ve shared the last Skinny Singles club with my boyfriend and now he’s addicted too. So we’ve worked out a plan for this round. I got the cashmere club, which means two skeins of this amazingly snuggly fine fluffy delicate cashmere per month for me! Can you guess how excited I am? 😀 And the boyfriend got the lace club with 1 skein Silk/Merino lace, 1 skein Merino lace and two skeins of Kidsilk lace in total and – because we’re a bit more than addicted we bought the Skinny Singles club together.

(Yes, the update was at 2am in the morning…
Did I need to mention that I was a happy zombie the day after?)

So there’s a lot of yarn swapping in this house to come, and so many nice fluffy yarn cuddling action – I’m beyond thrilled!

Do you like yarn clubs?
And have you already joined the Hedgehog clubs?
And what are you’re yarn favourite clubs?

Have a yarnful weekend!