Tour de Fleece 2016

Good evening my yarn friends!

Todays posting is about the Tour de Fleece, where I’ll participate.
So what’s that?

The Tour de Fleece is an event on Ravelry. It runs at the same time as the Tour de France, but on spinning wheels. It’s a lovely challenging thing and I’ll participate the second time. You can join a Team, or more if your Team allows that and then you’ll spin together. I’ll join the Teams called “Team Yeti” and “Berlin spinnt”, both german teams.

Here are the official dates for this year:
Tour de Fleece Grand Depart: Saturday, July 2
Challenge Day 1: Stage 8, Saturday, July 9th
Rest Day 1: Monday, July 11th
Challenge Day 2: Stage 15, Sunday, July 17th
Rest Day 2: Tuesday, July 19th
Tour de Fleece Finish: Sunday, July 24

I prepared some fibres for this year, but perhaps I’ll order something more. Also more rolags must be made.


A bunch of fibre laying on a white fluffy blanket. From top left to bottom right there are lilac rolags, a handpainted roving in watery blues, whites and lilacs, underneath are two balls of unwind rovings, this one’s seperated and has been spun partly, there is a bobbin with fibre on the right, underneath the lilac/blue roving lays another one with lighter shades, more greenish and more rolags in a very light grey.

And here’s a picture of what I’m currently spinning. It’s my training project and it feels really special to me to be able to spin again, becausue I’ve had to quit due to two lumbagos where I wasn’t able to sit and treddle my wheel.

It’s also handpainted wool from Berlin.


Blue cloudy roving with light pink and deep blue parts lying on a white blanket, a bobbin with fibre spun from the roving just above it.

This one want to become a two-ply yarn and I have a project in mind which I really want to knit with these wonderful shades. I called the spinning project “Watery Lavender” because it reminds me of Lavender fields and watery blue oceans.

I also created a project page for my Tour de Fleece journey, which can be found here.

What about you?
Do you spin?

Have a lovely evening and keep loving all the yarn,