plans plans plans

I love planning. Really.
I get super excited about it and it helps me getting through long days.

As I wanted to post this thing long long time ago I have started one of those, it’s Sea Fog! A pattern by the Lace Eater, which I mentioned in the previous post (I talked about High Country Circle, another planned project, sadly without pictures at the moment, so not listed here yet)


Printed out pattern of Sea Fog on a white blanket with two skeins of Lichtfaden Pure Silk lace on top, grey colourway with hints of purple and blue.

I’m using a lovely lovely Lichtfaden Pure Silk Lace and it’s so amazingly soft, I really have to touch it everyday. I finished the first Chart in the meantime.


A picture taken in bed, with purple and white blankets, a white fluffy dog is in the upper right background, cuddling against my knee, in the left upper part are my stitch markers and in the front you have my knitting project curled up, showing silery and blue coulours,, my floral blue and purple leggings shining through.

And here is what I plan to have on the needles soon:

Beneath the Moon


the prined pattern of Beneath the Moon and one of the skeins I want to use for it on the upper right corner. Everything on a white blankie.

I adore this pattern since I first saw it. It reminds me a bit of a pattern I did I guess a year ago, called Rheinlust, because both of them have a lace pattern emerging from a single starting point. I’ll use the new and sadly limited Edition of Merino Cashmere Lace from Dyeforwool. It’s a cobweb with 1400m per skein and it’s super super thin. So I’ll use it doubled. I tried out a swatch and it was super pretty. This goes in line after I finished at least one of my current WIPs!


A knitted swatch in really light purple on a white pillow on top of a white blanket. The swatch looks like a leaf on the top and has the lace patterning on the bottom, looking like a stem in this one.

And last but not least: the Hoar Frost Shawl

I’ve found this pattern on ravelry, it’s a fingering version but I wanted to do this in a perfect Lichtfaden Meridian which I gathered from a dear friend on Ravelry through destash, as I missed it in one of those rushed Lichtfaden updates due to the Boo Knits Mystery KAL. It’s an open lace shawl and I really want to go down in the needle size to compensate my sloppy knitting and the lace weight.
Perhaps I’ll add some shiny beads for a bit of bling!


Pattern of the Hoar in the back, in the front the Lichtfaden Meridian skein, it’s an silvery white with shades of blue and purple floating around. Just beautiful.



year of the Boo’s

Good morning lovely people on the Internet!

It feels like forever since I did a blogpost and yes it’s been a long time, almost three months. But here I am, having some easter vacations and escaping my thesis, my exam and lecture preparations and coming back to post a tiny update.

The first quarter of the year has passed and I wanted to show you my finished objects!

I took on the Boo Challenge for this year and so as you can guess I finished only Boo Shawls so far.

So first of them was my Diamond Fizz, knitted in Tussah lace from Dyeforyarn. I chose a lovely OOAK colourway called Murderous diamond doll and I’m super happy how it turned out.


Me standing in front of the ocean (picture taken on vacation), the dark blue water matches my blue jeans, it’s sunny and my face is turned to the ocean, I’m holding up my pastel but shiny pink knitted lace stole.

I took this picture on our really needed vacation while escaping the german carnival. Another piece was finished in this vacation, my Last Dance.


Another picture with the ocean in the background, I’m standing sideways and the wind is blowing and shaking my dark purple lace shawl.

I used Lichtfaden Pure Silk fingering in Mauve Peony OOAK, a very versaitle colourway because it looks really different in different lightnings. So if you haven’t checked out Lichtfaden you really should!

I used a heavier yarn than reccommended but I love the look of the more compact shawl. And it’s also my first Boo where I got down in the needle size to make a more wearable accessoire.

At the moment I’m finishing my Wintersweet in a bright red (also dyeforyarn tussah lace) with red Miyuki triangles for the upcoming gala evening from our dance school.


In the front there’s a folded red knitting piece with red triangle beads sparkling and taking up almost the whole space of the picture. On the right back you can spot a giant Teacup, nearly wrapped in the knitting piece.

And it’s almost the 1. May which means the next Boo mKAL is starting very very soon! I chose some Pure Silk Meridian OOAK colourway from Lichtfaden called Rebel Rose and paired it with Miyuki 6/0, Duracoat Galvanized Hot Pink beads. Sabine, the dyer behind Lichtfaden told me she thought of me when she created this colourway. So I’m a bit honoured and just had to choose this for the mKAL. (As you can guess I buy more pinks from here than I can knit in a lifetime :D)

I can’t wait to start this piece!


a shiny bright and light pink strand of yarn, folded into a half moon position laying on a white blanket, paired with some darker pink galvanized beads, which lay on the right side of the yarn.

There are quite a few non Boo Shawls planned but I think I’ll talk about them in a seperate posting!

Have some great days and see you soon!


something cuddly

As I have quite a tight knitting schedule at the moment, there always come things unplanned. Like this one. It’s cuddly and soft and huge.

I’m talking about Authenticity from softsweater knits in Countess Ablaze Lord of Mohair Aran.


the Authenticity pattern printed out in black and white, showing the name of the pattern plus a person wearing the shawl in front, surrounded by four skeins of pink/grey big yarn, as always on a white blanket.

How could that happen?
It all started with this lovely colour of mohair Aran I found when a friend told me about a coupon code on the Countess Ablaze site. I never tried her yarns before but I was curious about them. So I ordered this for me totally untypical yarn – compared to lace it’s enormous. But I just can’t stop touching it and a quick satisfactional knit was really needed after this exhausting week.


a caked skein of Lord of Mohair aran, showing the bright pink parts, the softer pink ones and emerging into a soft and comforting grey, presented on a white pillow.

I hope I’ll get to finish it by the end of next week because I’m really freezing my butt of while I’m waiting for my train to and back to my university. Currently I’m around halfaway done and it’s really a lovely pattern.


white blanket and half finished knitting piece on top of it, traingle shaped. One of the three caked skeins is used up about 1/3, a fourth skein uncaked laying beneath the other skeins, all above the knitted piece.

Perhaps I’m learning to like such bigger yarns…
Do you like big knits?


knitting knits us together

Long time no see fellow yarn friends out there.

It has been a busy time. I finished my Bachelor degree plus I applied and got accepted for my master degree (starting tomorrow).

So what happend in this time?

I finished my Walk on the Moon, which I was knitting together with a bunch of friends of mine. I must admit it was a really annoying project – I really like the outcome but I will never ever knit this again. (While reading this again this sounds really horrible – but I have to correct myself it wasn’t – I just got bored easily)

But first let’s appreciate this lovely thing:


A finished knitting piece, hanging on a white canvas in front of a white structured wallpaper. The piece has three colours and goes from light dusty pink, over grey to a dark burgundy. The colour changes begin in the first half of the pink part, where pink and grey rows are alternated. Then the whole colour switches to grey also alternated with dark burgundy before being finished in a ruffled burgundy edge.


So why do I get bored so easily?
For me a pattern must have a variety of things:

  • interesting stitches
  • being repetitvie but not monotonous
  • challenge me in some form

And this pattern uses the same stitches and combinations of rows when alternating the first to second section and second to third section – which is really lovely if you’re looking for some really really mindeless knitting with over 500 stitches at your cable. (I motivated myself to knit this while watching Supernatural – but even this sometimes scary series wasn’t able to overshadow this tiresome project) Plus I have to admit that my yarn choice wasn’t the perfect one. I used Dye for yarn Silk lace yarn – which are untwisted silk strands. Lovely outcome but a pain in the ass to knit. At least for me.


A close-up of my knitted piece, showing the left part of it. The ruffle border takes up a lot of room in the picture and is falling in waves down from the canvas. 


But in the end all that matters is that I have created a lovely thing with my friends.

So I searched something new for myself – I wanted to knit a fluffy mohair cape from a free pattern from Lana Grossa but this also turned out annoying. Even more than finishing this huge shawl. So I’ll try to knit this square on the knitting machine instead of trying to produce a huge thing in stockinette stitch.

Here we can see a character trait of mine: I can’t do things which annoy me.
I have a huge inner barricade against boredom. Sounds a bit weird, even for me but that’s who I am. Looking for new challenges or at least returning to pleaseant repetitive things. And this leads me to my current project!

I’m knitting a Spark of Grey by Melanie Berg together with a really amazing friend of mine. And I love this pattern so much!


A printed knitting pattern from Melanie Berg near two skeins of fluffy yarn- in a dusty rose violett – called “Withering bunch of roses” and a grey skein beyond called “Dolphin in my bathtub”

It’s repetitive but not boring, challenging but not overwhelming and its varieted in between the rows, but let’s see how far I am:


The knitting piece is started in grey and creates a pattern where the grey and the violett layer each other. It’s a triangular scarf and it’s behaving soft and cuddly.

I’m using Dye for Wool Merino/Babycamel in the shades Withering bunch of roses and Dolphin in my bathtub and I really like to soft texture of these yarn.

The pattern is exactly the thing I need at the moment because on my other needles are two non portable projects . ( I want to finish my Danse Macabre by Boo Knits before the next mKAL, but this is another story coming soon and on the other needles the Celestarium waits for my attention, but also with beads – which I’m not into this week.) and I needed something which I can take on the train to university tomorrow plus I’m sick at home and want to binge watch all the series (Sherlock season three at the moment).

I will knit another one – I’m really sure of that because I saw this beauty on Ravelry, it’s knitted in cashmere and I love the blurred effect this yarn gives the pattern.

So that was quite a huge update on what’s going on at the moment, I hope you enjoyed my excessive desriptions of things and we’ll read us soon!



enji and freedom

I’m bound by external deadlines.
The exam was a deadline. The thesis has a deadline. Stuff at work has it’s deadline. They are literally everywhere. And now I haven’t knit more than 10 minutes in the last weeks because of a deadline I wanted to hold. I told myself that I just had to knit on this project, because of the deadline. Or that I can’t spin for the Tour de Fleece now because of the deadline. And guess what: I failed the deadline.


Three skeins of Pink Ribbon Papersilk yarn on a white fluffy cloudish blanket, a pink flower above and the heading “Enji Testknit” in the right upper corner.

There was this amazing testknit and I was so excited about knitting it that I thought I could handle all this. I’m talking about the Enji Scarf – it has been published by now and my project is still unfinished. And it still bothers me, that it lays there unfinished and I’m too locked because of the thought that I JUST HAD TO knit this.

But let’s talk about this amazing scarf. It’s a pattern from Jana Huck, a german pattern designer. The orginal yarn is from ITO and I substituted it with Dyeforyarn Papersilk in Electric light pink. (One of the best colours ever, in my opinion!) It has three sections, one where you do increases to create a fan shape, the second one – a garter band, and the third one – a lace edging.
If you’re interested in more pattern talk, you can visit my project page where I note down everything helpful and even not so helpful stuff about it.


The first Flower of the Lace border from the really bright pink Enji on a white background.

For sure there are other boundaries in my head like “I need to finish this bind-off (of another WIP) before I can start another project” or “I want to participate in this knitalong with this scarf and I told the group that I’ll do that so I can’t begin another project before that”.

I think we all know this stuff and guess what: I came to the conclusion it’s bullshit. It’s a hobby. I should knit what I want. I should start what I want. I want to knit this piece – so yeah I’ll go for it! Even if there are hundreads of unfinished projects – it’s my thing and as long as I’m okay with it I should let myself have peace, especially when everything around you is busy and exhausting.

And yes, this deadline was the reason I haven’t blogged here in a while. It was just too much pressure inside of me. So now you know this amazing looking project and perhaps I had the opportunity to overcome the barriers in my head to allow me some freedom (and finish this in the near future too).

Have a wonderful Saturday and follow your heart!

stars and constellations

[ SPOILER: Hedgehog Fibres Lace Club 7/2016 ]

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written the last posting and life was really busy the last weeks. I wrote my last exam and I saved an whole office universe. Sadly knitting time was short and spinning time even more. But here I am – hopefully with more time to come.

I’m currently finishing some projects and I’m playing Pokemon GO a lot, but this thread is about my new special interest: stars and constellations.

I have no basic knowlege about astrology but a project captured my mind – it’s called Celestarium and it’s a view of the sky from the North Pole. I’ve had this in my favourites for quite a while and I became more and more fascinated about it. Recently I learned that there’s another pattern, Southern Skies which shows the sky too, but from the South Pole’s point of view.

So there this new interest in the sky grew. I strolled through the internet and found a really amazing book (in german language) about astronomy which I want to buy next month to get a basic entry to the topic. It’s a book from a publisher for university books and I have quite a few of them, on other topics, at home and love the construction and the draft of it.

So I want to gain knowlege and I want to knit the celestarium. I thing I’ll use a black Wollmeise lace yarn for it and my favourite beads, Miyuki triangles.

And as if the universe knew my latest obsession the Clubs from Hedgehog Fibres came in today. I fell in love with the Merino Lace from Lace club, which is the boyfriends club but we swapped and this lovely thing called “Orion” is mine. I learned that Orion is a constellation and I looked at a lot of pictures of it and I really like my version of it.


a skein of merino lace yarn from hedgehog fibre, laying on a dark brown underground. The yarn is blue/gray with hints of purple and green.

Perhaps I have to knit the Southern Skies with it, we will see that in the future.

But for now I want to share my favourite night sky shawl-versions with you:

  • the Celestarium from GarnetTearDrop, which is knitted in a dark blue with noctilucent beads – i love that idea!
  • the Celestarium from wonderfoal, also with noctilucent beads but in different sizes, which are creating an amazing effect at the dark (perhaps I have to do such a version too)
  • Meadow Celestarium from spicyginger, she used a semisolid dark blue and did a different border which I find quite interesting
  • Southern Stars from spidergrrrl in a semisolid dark purple yarn, I adore this yarn!
  • and last but not least Southern Stars from Liberazione, a really lovely gradient version

As you can see I’m really in love with the skie at the moment and I hope to begin a Celestarium for myself soon.

What are you knitting at the moment and have you knit one of those patterns?
May the yarn be with you!


changing directions

Something I’ve learned because of yarn, too.

I told you last week that I begun this amazing new Brioche project called Inky, in dark grey with speckles and one of my favourite colours ever – Jelly.
And the further I got in the pattern the more I realized that this colour combination doesn’t sing to me.

Normally I would have thrown it away and got mad at it, but this time I frogged it and dived through my stash to find something more spectacular. And yes, it’s not what the pattern planned for but I’ve found a combination that really sings to me.

But have look yourself:


Light side of the work: A knitting piece lying on a white blanket. Beginning with a two colour icord, in the middle of the knitting piece the brioche section begins and spreads out and becomes larger and larger from row to row. On the left and on the right side is garter stitch. Colours are bright pink and a white with light purple variations. The brioche section is dominated by the light colour and the whole thing reminds me of a clam.      



Dark side of the work: in the brioche section the bright pink is dominant now, same background setting as the light side. 

This is Jelly on Skinny Singles and Ghost on Silk/Merino Lace. It changes the thickness of the whole piece but I really like that effect!

Do you often deviate from the pattern?

Have a lovely week full of knitting!