About me

Hello and welcome lovely new knitting friend!

My name is Kathi, I’m 26 years old and a knitting addict.13086791_10201657449153660_4805930500954269188_o
You’ve found my blog about my yarn passion!

My knitting addiction really started in 2015 when Stephen West did his Mystery Knitalong called “the Doodler”. I knew the basic techniques but I would have never named myself a knitter before I began this project. So I jumped in and had a really great time knitting together with you guys here on the Internet. I haven’t stopped since then and yeah basically that’s why I created this blog.

I love yarn, I love knitting designs, I love my coffee to go with my projects and here we are. I want to invite you to my travel around the knitting world. I want to review my favourite brands, show you the things I’m currently working on and share my yarn addiction with you.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me, or get in touch with me! My ravelry ID is kathikaffee and you can find me on Instagram too!
Best regards,



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