something cuddly

As I have quite a tight knitting schedule at the moment, there always come things unplanned. Like this one. It’s cuddly and soft and huge.

I’m talking about Authenticity from softsweater knits in Countess Ablaze Lord of Mohair Aran.


the Authenticity pattern printed out in black and white, showing the name of the pattern plus a person wearing the shawl in front, surrounded by four skeins of pink/grey big yarn, as always on a white blanket.

How could that happen?
It all started with this lovely colour of mohair Aran I found when a friend told me about a coupon code on the Countess Ablaze site. I never tried her yarns before but I was curious about them. So I ordered this for me totally untypical yarn – compared to lace it’s enormous. But I just can’t stop touching it and a quick satisfactional knit was really needed after this exhausting week.


a caked skein of Lord of Mohair aran, showing the bright pink parts, the softer pink ones and emerging into a soft and comforting grey, presented on a white pillow.

I hope I’ll get to finish it by the end of next week because I’m really freezing my butt of while I’m waiting for my train to and back to my university. Currently I’m around halfaway done and it’s really a lovely pattern.


white blanket and half finished knitting piece on top of it, traingle shaped. One of the three caked skeins is used up about 1/3, a fourth skein uncaked laying beneath the other skeins, all above the knitted piece.

Perhaps I’m learning to like such bigger yarns…
Do you like big knits?




Something that really touched me last week was the #knitterspayitforward movement. I saw it on instagram and felt very touched, even if I’m in a very privileged position (white, cis, educated and a lot more) to not feel any consequences of the world falling apart.

But I love that everybody who is able to, shares their love with others. It’s a good feeling and I wanted to share something that made my day last week:

It’s a gift from Melanie Berg, also known as Mairlynd, who is a pretty awesome designer from Germany. The deal is to gift one of her self published pattern to somebody and then to recieve this pattern for your own. She announced it in her ravelry group and on Instagram and I shared a lot of pattern with friends of mine.
I knit her pattern Rheinlust in the past and i’m currently knitting Spark of Grey and I deeply adore her pattern. So this was a great opportunity to make somebodies day and to have something for myself.


Me wearing my Rheinlust Shawl. Rheinlust is a dark purple in my case a laceweight shawl with a wave pattern emerging from one side, ending in a stockinette section

Plus there are amazing people in this ravelry group, even a whole thread where you can find someone who want’s to share a pattern with you or who announces to gift something to somebody. So lovely and full of warmth.

I haven’t seen any end date yet – so treat yourself and your beloved ones ❤


It’s a shame that I haven’t written something about this amazing project yet!

Some friends of mine had the fabulous idea to bright up our november.
We made a list of yarn we liked, colours, snacks and other stuff and everybody got a swap partner. So I bought a yarn and wrapped some presents in it and sent it out. Everybody has something wrapped in yarn, personalized to everyone of us and now we’re knitting together.

This is my novickel:
I really like the wooly texture of the Lambswool I was gifted. The colour is also very pleasing to me. ❤


a pink lace yarn and some envelopes on a white blanket. there’s something wrapped up in a red paper inside of the yarn roll which stickes out just a bit

And as you probably have guessed by now, I’ve started another Boo project. A Snow Angel. (A bit addicted, huh?)


Starting picture of my Snow Angel, started the body and knitted about 7cm in depth, the knitting piece and the ball of yarn lying on a blanket. More gifts are lurking inside of the ball.

I haven’t come far with that project until now because I had to wait for longer cables.(Saying that I remember that I wanted to do a review of my new Chiagoo red lace set I got for my birthday back in october, which I totally forgot about!)
But the cables came in last week and so I’m able to continue this project soon 🙂

What are you knitting at the moment?


a boo’ful december

I planned two projects for december I want to share with you today. Every month there is a knitalong in the lovely Boo group on ravelry. And in december it’s called “Ghost of the mKAL past” – so you can knit every past mystery pattern with the group.

I was a bit ambitious and chose two pattern, so this is something that will keep me busy over the turn of the year and into the new year I think. But I just couldn’t chose one of those two.

The first one i want to do is: Humbug
“Scarves and shawls are so amazingly versatile. Whether you have a snuggly winter warmer or a thin, outfit enhancing, accessory they are just so useful and can lift your outfit as much as your spirits.”


on the left my stash picture of the cashmere skeins, showing the lovely variegation between the soft pink shades and the more pastell ones, on the right three different beads, from top to bottom medium rose ones, in the middle some drops and some lighter pink ones similar to the top ones on the bottom

it’s a scarf pattern i really adore and I think this could be a really quick knit. I chose the most beautiful Lichtfaden Cashmere yarn I could imagine and some lovely beads to go by. Also I want to use drops at the ends of the scarf and I’m super excited about this project.


white blanket background, two skeins of pink/creme cashmere lace on the bottom right, above the Humbug pattern, showing only “BOO HUMBUG!” and some pearls sprinkled over the white blanket

the second one I want to knit is: Be with you
“Most of the Boo Knits shawls have an air of romance and this is no exception. Be With You as a name was the starting point for the design of this beaded, crescent shaped, shawl. It has been designed to be worked in two colours each working with and yet complimenting the other – a perfect relationship. Though designed for two yarns, this shawl would look equally gorgeous in just one and can be worked in either lace weight or fingering weight yarn. The versatility of this shawl ensures that there will be a version that is just right for you and right for any occasion. Whether you wear jeans and a shirt or prefer a cocktail dress, this shawl can be made to be your perfect accessory.”

I adored this a long time ago and though I would never be able to knit such a beautiful thing. I love the two different textures and this shawl is really something I want to wear. For this project I chose Lichtfaden, too. (She really is my favourite ever dyer)


two caked pink cashmere skeins on the bottom, topped from a lighter pink skein of silk halo, which has a luminous glow and a lovely fluffyness. Both lay on the pattern, you can see a woman (Fiona I love your version!!!) with her Be with you over her shoulders, on top of it more light pink sprinkled pearls.

So yes – my december will be full of yarn.

AND if that wasn’t enough action for one month the boyfriend bought me a adventcalendar with yarn and a pattern for every day until christmas. How cute is that?!
I think I’ll make a huge blogpost on that too very soon. ❤

Have a lovely day and feel hugged if you want to,


finished: Taboo

Let’s move on to something cheerful!

I finished this years Halloween mKAL by BooKnits after only one and a half month. That’s pretty fast for me because I tend to knit on thousand different projects at the same time plus it’s a really busy time now.

I used Miss Babs Wild Silk in Pink Lemonade and Zinfandel and I really like the texture of this yarn. I ordered more of it and there is another set waiting for Taboo, or a different shawl, still unsure about that.

I think the shawl grew more in comparison to the other finished objects I’ve seen so far. Perhaps I’ll go down in the needle size when I’ll do it again because I really like the texture of the other shawls I’ve seen.

But here it is, blocking and not a very colour true picture:


A 1.40x2m bed covered with a red blanket. On top of that a two-coloured lace shawl pinned out. 

And another picture where you can see it in comparison to a small dog, where I tried to make a more glamorous shot if it. *LOL*


a picture with better lightning, a white blanket covering the floor, shawl laid out and a small black pomeranian dog trotting over the shawl from the left outter corner.

I still want to take better pictures, propably outside and with the rhine as background but it’s so grey and rainy most of the times that there are no chances to get a propper picture. Or it’s even dark when I get away from the desk.

As always this was an amazing pattern by Bev, you can never get dissapointed with the things she creates. I really love that. I started another Boo pattern, a Snow Angel and I have two shawls planned for December, also from her.
But you’ll get to see them in the next posting! 😉

Have a lovely evening,
xoxo Kathi

I don’t love you anymore.

When I first met you on the Internet you introduced a new world to me. You gave me confidence by singing „Baby you’re a knitter“. This was my start as an adult to finally learn something  I was alway too impatient to do. I powered through your 2015 mKAL and I fell in love with colours, speckled yarn and your patterns. But then there was a moment this year where I found that everything new you produce still looks like something I know. I was sad at first but then I thought it would be lovely to have different interpretations for your pattern to choose from. But the longer I thought about this, the more frustrated i felt. I felt betrayed. That wasn’t the famous creative world I thought I would live in. Everything new seemed like a mass product.

But I wanted to give you another chance, so I started this years mKAL. Yeah and what can I say? It wasn’t special anymore. I love how some finished objects looked, especially the colour matching ones – but I still got the feeling that this is mass ware. I feel like the creative brain is gone. Don’t get me wrong, there are still around ten patterns I wan’t to knit from you – but they are all old.

It took me a long time to come to this conclusion, but finally here it is:

I’m sorry. Stephen, I’m over you.

Taboo or not to Boo (no, that’s not even a question)

It’s this time of the year where you wiggle excited with your knitting needles for the mKAL to start!

I’m talking about Taboo – the Halloween mystery knitalong from Boo Knits, and as you can guess I can’t wait to start this one. It’s going to be a two coloured lace shawl with beads and I’m totally in love with my yarn choice. The whole fun starts on October first and I plan on knitting this while I’m on vacation!

This time we’re using Miss Babs Wild Silk, a fabulous soft luxurious yarn.
I had my personal problems with the German customs, they won’t let my yarn come to me but now were happy together after four long weeks of waiting.

So let’s show you my yarnies!

I ordered a set for the mKAL plus two additional strands of yarn.


Four strands of yarn on a white “Miss Babs” wrapping paper. The top one is the largest, it’s a full skein in creamy pale pink meeting a soft brownish light orange and all shades in between. Beneath this skein is a smaller matching skein in a slightly darker pink. Beneath these mKAL yarns are two small strands, a lovely blue yarn which reminds me of the sea, changing to nearly off white and a deep saturated screaming pink.

From Top to bottom:

  • Pink Lemonade (Wild Iris which means not repeatable)
  • Zinfandel
  • Water Spirit (Wild Iris)
  • Floyd

I bought some beads from Lanabeads2 on etsy before the yarn showed up but they weren’t a perfect match so the lovely Anna from ravelry sold her beads, also etched crystal seed beads to me and they are just perfect. The colourway is called Capri.


the two upper yarns from the picture before are layered above each other. The whole colour scheme blends into each other from off white over cream to light pink. The Zinfandel yarn, the darker pink lays on top of it, and on top of that are the beads. The beads are sparkly and are matching the darker pumpkin/orange/creamy tones of the main colour yarn.

Will you join in, too?
My friend PinkZombie wrote about her Taboo  >here< so go and check her out!

Have a lovely week!
xoxo Kathi